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BarkShop Live: The world’s first retail experience where dogs do the shopping

On June 6, 2016, Bark & Co launched a week-long experiment called BarkShop Live, a new retail experience that lets dogs do the shopping. When a dogs played in the specially-designed space, a vest talked with sensors in all the toys and our mobile app, allowing their humans to see what their dog liked, disliked, and LOVED. Our app shared a recap, so humans could tap to buy and get their dog’s picks shipped straight to them.

Building a store for dogs takes more than just slapping a barcode on a slab of bacon. When we designed this retail test, we took advantage of every bit of data we’ve gathered from shipping 30 million products from and BarkBox. We created toys ourselves (under the supervision of our own dogs), and the technology comes from our constant desire to know more about how our dogs see the world — and what makes them happiest.