We Hacked Dog Dental Care

Our monthly dental kits of chews and toothpaste are guaranteed to reduce plaque and give fresher breath in just one month, or your money back.

How Bright Dog Dental Products Work

Our powerful chew + toothpaste duo makes it easy to start a dental routine.

Apply Toothpaste

Squeeze a single consistent line along the center length of the chew groove. No need to fill it up!

Let Your Dog Chew

As they gnaw, our toothpaste breaks down debris while chew ridges scrub plaque buildup.

Use Regularly For Best Results

Preventative care promotes fresher breath, healthier gums, and better overall oral health.

Customers Notice Real Results


“If there is a box in the mail, my dog thinks it’s for her. She loves her Bright dental sticks. She lets me know when she is ready to brush her teeth.”


“For dogs that won’t accept brushing, Bright can ensure that every dog still gets what they deserve—an enjoyable, stress-free daily oral care routine.”


"My dog’s breath is GROSS. These have been a lifesaver. She likes them & eats them, and they actually do help her breath!"

Brighten Your Pup's Smile: BARK Bright Dog Dental Care

Achieve paw-some dental health for your furry friend with BARK's BARK Bright Dog Dental Care collection, featuring the oral health products you need to keep your pup's pearly whites shining bright and their breath fresh as a daisy.

Comprehensive Dental Kits: Our dog dental care kits are designed to help you and your dog wave tooth decay goodbye with effective dental cleaning: no dog dentist needed! Including toothpaste and dental chews, our kits provide everything you need to maintain your pup's dental health from the comfort of your own home. With easy-to-follow instructions and tasty flavors for comprehensive dog teeth cleaning, preventing tooth loss has never been easier or more enjoyable for your dog.

Delicious Dog Dental Chews: Give your pet’s teeth something tasty to chew on while also promoting dental health with BARK's dog dental chews. Made from premium ingredients and specially formulated to reduce dental problems such as plaque and tartar buildup, our dental treats help keep your dog’s gums clean and healthy. With a variety of flavors to choose from for dogs of all sizes, our chicken and veggie chews are sure to become a favorite part of your pup's daily routine. From Labradors to Golden Retrievers, any dog breed will now love teeth cleaning time!

The Brightest Dental Care for Dogs

At BARK, we understand the importance of maintaining your pup's dental health, which is why we're dedicated to providing pet owners with high-quality oral health solutions that will wash away bad breath and provide preventive dental care for dogs. With our range of dental care products, maintaining your dog's oral health with dog dental cleaning has never been more delightful, with no veterinary dentistry experience required. Shop all BARK Bright Dog Dental Care products today and give your pup the gift of a healthy, happy smile!