It's a Holiday Pawty!

We may not be Santa, but your dog wrote us a detailed letter of all of the things they want for Christmas this year, so we organized them into a comprehensive gift guide!


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Chief Dog Officer

Holiday Picks!

Our executive board of Chief Dog Officers have weighed in with their expert recommendations on holiday gifts that are sure to bring your dog existential joy this season.

Hank, Chief Kibble Officer

From the office of our Chief Kibble Officer, Hank:

Hank needs his own personalized bowl. How else is he supposed to know it's his bowl?!

- Hank's mom

Thunder Butt, Chief Treat Officer

From the office of our Chief Treat Officer, Thunder Butt:

As a dog mom, I do have to admit it has been awesome to see Thunder Butt so excited when he knows he will get a treat. He has been wanting to show off all his moves just incase he gets another treat.

We have ordered an advent calendar for December and I know Thunder Butt will be super excited to come downstairs each and every morning to check out what tasty treat he gets that day! And because I am a crazy lady we sure will be making a Gingerbark House!

-Thunder Butt's mom

Nyx, Chief Toy Officer

Nyx here, the Chief Toy Officer with a personal Bark Toy recommendation for your holiday wish list this year!

The Pivot Puzzle Toy is one of my favorite Bark Toys so far! I love throwing it around and pawing it back and forth until the yummy treats come out (my personal fav are the

Zeppelin, Chief Topper Officer

From the office of our Chief Topper Officer, Zeppelin:

We know when he loves a topper because he eats it really fast, comes back for more, chases mom around for more, does tricks to get more, and has a crazy look with bulging eyes while the topper is being put on top of food. He can’t get to it fast enough, and you can see the evidence all stuck in his beard as he dives face first into a bowl covered in delicious toppers. He makes a dramatic smacking noise when chomping away whenever a topper is present!

-Zeppelin's mom

Gia, Chief Dental Officer

From the office of our Chief Dental Officer, Gia:

Gia believes that all her furry friends need to have the opportunity to keep their choppers bright and white along with fresh breath. 

Gia relies on her mom to brush her teeth with the great tasting toothpaste and sometimes she gets toothpaste inside her Bright Chews

- Gia's mom