5 BARK Toys Your Dog's Treats Will LOVE

5 BARK Toys Your Dog's Treats Will LOVE

Your treats’ favorite toys are available at Target, PetSmart, Tractor Supply, and more! Whether they wobble and roll, squeak and crinkle, or pair perfectly with peanut butter, these toys deserve a place on your next shopping list.

1. Hambone

This durable hog is designed for determined chewers and treat lovers who want to play AND pig out! Underneath Hambone’s plush layer is an all-natural rubber core with a treat-dispensing snout—it’s two layers of play that have dogs going ham.

BUY HERE: $14.99 at Target

2. Pivot

With its 100% natural rubber wheel design, Pivot wobbles and turns on a dime, or better yet, a treat. The treat-dispensing core holds your dog’s undivided attention, while Pivot’s irregular bounce n’ roll keeps them on their toe beans.

BUY HERE: $16.99 at PetSmart

3. Mega Green Mango

This rubber mango is a cut above the rest. With its strong-jaw squeaker, it’s ready to rock and wobble! Add peanut butter or yogurt so your pup can get in the grooves.

BUY HERE: $12.99 at Tractor Supply

4. Barker’s Dozen Donuts

Barker’s Dozen Donuts features plush, squeaky donuts to satisfy any squeak tooth. Hide treats inside the crazy crinkle box for a tasty challenge! When your pup’s done snacking, they have 4 toys in 1 to enjoy.

BUY HERE: $11.97 at Walmart

More toys coming soon!

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