13 Coolest Outdoor Dog Toys Of All Time

13 Coolest Outdoor Dog Toys Of All Time

Dog toys come in all shapes, kinds, and sizes. Which makes it all the more important to find the right outdoor toy for your dog.

What makes an outdoor dog toy special? First, it needs to be tough. It should be made to withstand the weather and some pretty long play sessions. Second, it needs to be engaging. The best part of playing outside is the extra space, a great yard toy will help take advantage of it so you can get out all your pups engery.

Whether you’re looking for outside dog toys, backyard dog toys, durable dog toys, independent dog toys, or even dog toys for the great outdoors- you’ve come to the right place. Take a look to find the best outdoor toys for your pupper…

1.Gnawflex Kettlebell

Available for $14.00 on BarkShop

Get your flex on with the Gnawflex Kettlebell! With its tough rubber shell, it’s the perfect all-weather toy for play both indoors and out. Use it as a yard toy, pool toy, or even a beach toy. So if you want to take the weight off your chest and stop worrying about the Super Chewer in your life destroying whatever new toy you bring in, this is the perfect toy for you.

2.Tether Tug Toy

tether tug dog toy

Available for $84.95 on Amazon

This is one of my favorite inventions, mostly because it makes your pup look like a big fish caught on a line. This toy is perfect for the outside dog, the tether tug lets your pupper pull with all their might for as long as they want to play- while you sit back and watch. Great for large dogs who love playing tug-o-war. This hyper dog toy is one your shoulders and back will thank you for, especially if you’ve got a strong rambunctious pup. This outdoor dog toy from amazon will certainly get your pup running!

3.Rugged Bumper Toy

Available for $12.99 on Amazon

The Chuckit! Rugged Bumper is designed to withstand tough dogs and rough play. Its rigid core provides durability and strength, while the contoured shape and ridges allow for easy grip, pickup, and retrieval. The attached nylon straps on each end flap when the toy is shaken to stimulate your dog’s natural instinct to hunt and shake prey. The Rugged Bumper also floats, making it great for both land and water play!

4.Floatus Blowfish

Available for $14.00 on BarkShop

This fetching foam fish floats on the water, perfect for your pup’s pool party (or tolerable bath time). With its bright color and unique shape, this toy stands out easily in any environment making this the perfect backyard toy or beach toy for your pupper!

5.ChuckIt! Sport Launcher

Available for $7.95 on Amazon

I remember the first time I saw one of these at the dog park. My dog abandoned me and my puny throwing arm and ran over to play with the owner who was obviously doing a better job than me at this dog parenting thing. Seriously, this thing will get your dog tired out with minimal effort from you.


6.The Dogness Monster

Available for $14.00 on BarkShop

Dive deep into the unknown with the Lochness toy. This sneaky sea serpent is legendary. With its textured design and mixed rubber/nylon materials this monster is perfect for gnawing. 

7.Flying Fish

Available for $12.99 on Amazon

Dive in with durable rubber retrieving toys that float – the Ruff Dawg Fish toy lets dogs go fishing! The Fish floats in the pool, lake or ocean and makes the ideal retrieving toy for active swimmers. A great catch – in or out of the water, the Fish is made of durable solid rubber and comes in assorted bright neon colors for high visibility. Can be strung on a rope for distance throwing or to use as a tug toy. Perfect for those cute canine selfies! All Ruff Dawg toys are 100% Made safe in the USA of recyclable, FDA-approved materials, free of phthalates, latex, and BPAs. Ruff Dawg is a family-owned company that has been keeping dogs fit and active with premium quality Made-in-the USA toys since 1998.

8.Bijou’s Glass of Bubbly

Available for $10.00 on Barkshop

Say “Cheers” with Bijou’s Glass of Bubbly, a treat-fillable champagne flute dog toy your dog can’t wait to sip (and chew). This toy is made with tough transparent rubber, and the walls of the flute are filled with distilled water. You can freeze this toy for a frosty treat (or teething chew), or play with it at room temperature. The distilled water is pure tummy-safe H20, so it won’t ruin anything if your dog manages to break on through. The inside is hollow, perfect for stuffing treats inside, and the slotted treat opening will make your mutt work for their reward. So throw some peanut butter inside, pour yourself a glass, and raise a toast to tremendous fun!

9.Rugged Flyer Dog Toy

Available for $12.99 on Amazon

Chuckit’s first rigid flyer! Designed to withstand tough dogs and rough play. Polypropylene core provides rigidity and strength while over-molded TPR ridges allow dogs to easily grip for pickup and retrieval. Ergonomic shape for easy catching and pickup. It floats – great for both land and water play!.

10.Amphibious Bumper

Available for $10.95 on Amazon

Made of soft durable material that floats on water, this is a great interactive toy for both people and pets. Coming in three colors (Blue, Green or Orange) this bright floaty toy is perfect for any pup who wants a fun day on the water.

11.Shuck n’ Chuck Corn Cob

Available for $14.00 on Barkshop

Now I’m not going to make a corny joke… but this durable rubber cob strung on a ballistic nylon rope is the perfect toy for the Super Chewer in your life. With the Crazy Crinkle husks on top, your pup will be all ears!

12.Romp-n-Roll Jolly Ball

jolly ball

Available for $19.56 on Amazon

Designed to be kicked, tugged, thrown, carried, and launched- this toy does it all. For the ultimate all-weather toy that stands up to even the strongest Super Chewers, this Romp-n-Roll Jolly Ball will quickly become your new best friend. Made right here in the USA this classic dog toy will bring fun to any adventure.

13.RuffWear Frisbee

dog on beach with frisbee

Available for $24.95 on Amazon

Got a disc dog in the family? For a pupper who loves a high-flying game of fetch, the RuffWear Frisbee is the perfect option. This durable yet lightweight design means your pup can keep playing in any weather and on any surface. Even buoyant in the water, it’s Hydro Plane design allows it to float atop the surface for dogs that love splashing in the ocean, lake, river, or pool.

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