BARK Goes Public The Only Way We Know How: With Free Stonks Treats For Dogs Across America

BARK Goes Public The Only Way We Know How: With Free Stonks Treats For Dogs Across America
OH MY DOG, IT'S HERE. IT'S HERE, EVERYBODY. SIT, STAY. BARK is officially trading publicly on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with the ticker BARK via a merger with special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) Northern Star Acquisition Corp. Founded in 2012 by Matt Meeker, Carly Strife, and Henrik Werdelin, BARK has been consistently turning tail wags into full-body wiggles—now with over 1.8 million active subscribers, a lot more happy dogs, and a goal to provide both with pure, zoomies-driven joy. In honor of BARK going public, we want to celebrate the real heroes who've helped us get here: your dogs. BARK is giving away limited-edition bags of "STONKS 📈" treats nationwide to the first 10,000 dogs who beg their humans to sign up on (BARK Stonks are all-natural jerky sticks made in the US, approved by our dogs.) Use code "FREESTONKS" at checkout for free shipping! Here are the official rules. The simple truth is that we believe dogs and humans are better together. BARK delights dogs and their people—over 7 million of 'em!—through subscriptions and direct-to-dog-person channels in four key categories, including Play (BarkBox and Super Chewer), Food (BARK Eats), Health (BARK Bright), and Home (Amazon). We also utilize a growing network of retailers; today, BARK products await dogs in more than 23,000 retail locations across the country. It is a privilege to serve these creatures who have been our best buds over the last 10,000+ years. Dogs, thank you for letting us be your couch-snuggling, belly-rubbing, snoot-booping family members. You make our lives brighter, happier, and full of dog hair, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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