BARK Partners with IFAW to Help People & Pets in Ukraine

BARK Partners with IFAW to Help People & Pets in Ukraine
BARK always will act to help pets and people stay together during times of crisis, whether it’s through donation, volunteering or providing accurate information on ways to help. In that vein, we've partnered with IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare), a global animal welfare organization that is working hard with partners on the ground to keep Ukrainian refugees & their pets safe as they seek shelter. We've all seen how people are fleeing with their pets, or choosing to stay in dangerous areas if they can't bring them and we understand. Our pets are family. With that, BARK has pledged to donate up to $25,000 in immediate matching funds to aid IFAW with their work in Ukraine - you can donate here if you wish to help us amplify this impact! We also urge you to share this information verified by IFAW to help people and pets in danger stay together. They've collected a list of resources for families fleeing Ukraine with their pets (details verified as of March 1, 2022). All of the below messaging and information on resources is a direct quote from IFAW:
Please share this information with anyone who may be trying to evacuate with their pets. Several countries have plans to accept pets at border crossings.
While pets must normally be vaccinated and microchipped to cross an international border, the countries below have agreed to an exception during this crisis. In most cases below, if a pet is not vaccinated or microchipped, the receiving country will vaccinate and microchip the pet upon entry. We are extraordinarily proud of the countries who have made it possible for families to evacuate with their pets. Lithuania’s Director of State Food and Veterinary Service, Mantas Staškevičius, said, 'We cannot be unconcerned about the people running from this horrible situation. Many of Ukrainians will be traveling with their beloved pets, so we will help to find them the safest shelter.'
Pet information IFAW has been able to verify:
  • VERIFIED Entering ITALY - Ukrainian citizens are now permitted to enter European countries with their dogs and cats, even without the proper documentation. This will be sorted once families and their pets have crossed the border. Source
  • VERIFIED Entering FINLAND - Under these exceptional circumstances, pets traveling with owners from Ukraine or under force majeure circumstances from Russia are authorized to enter Finland without prior application or permit. Owners, or their representative, are asked to present the pet and any paperwork to Finnish Customs at the border upon entry. Finnish Customs will provide further instructions. Source
  • VERIFIED Entering ROMANIA - Ukrainian pets can also come to Romania WITHOUT microchip, vaccine or passport. AFTER entering Romania, the owner just fills in a document. All pets are allowed! Source
  • VERIFIED Entering POLAND - Polish officials are now facilitating Ukrainian border crossing for families fleeing with their animals. The whole animal health dossier is now NOT mandatory. Animals will be vaccinated AFTER CROSSING Polish side of the border. Source
  • VERIFIED Entering HUNGARY - Hungary has opened borders for unvaccinated and undocumented pets. Hungarian authorities will also provide rabies vaccination and microchipping to dogs, cats and ferrets entering with refugees. Source
  • VERIFIED Entering SLOVAKIA - Officially accepting animals, even those that are not vaccinated/do not have a vaccination certificate. Document to fill in via this link: Source
  • VERIFIED Entering LITHUANIA - Ukrainian citizens whose pets are properly marked, vaccinated, have a valid animal passport, and meet all the requirements for bringing pets into the EU can cross the state border in the usual way. However, animals coming from Ukraine that are not microchipped or have not been vaccinated against rabies will be marked and vaccinated on the spot, and any isolation requirements will be facilitated. Source
  • VERIFIED Entering LATVIA - Accepting pets of Ukranian citizens who are not microchipped, not vaccinated against rabies, etc. It will be possible for the owner of the animal to carry out all formalities and procedures after entering Latvia. Source
  • VERIFIED Entering ESTONIA - Allowing in animals without documentation, rabies vaccine and/or microchip. Email the arrival notification form (link below) to [email protected] and [email protected] and [email protected] Source
  • VERIFIED Entering CZECH REPUBLIC - Those animals entering without a valid rabies vaccine/rabies titre test, will be placed under 10-day quarantine (meaning constant supervision by the owner). Within three days of entry, pet needs to be checked by a veterinarian (and microchipped if needed). Between 5–10 days of entry, rabies vaccine needs to be given if not up to date. Source.
As things develop, we'll work with IFAW to see more ways we can help refugees and their pets reach safety together and will update on our social channels.

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