Food Toppers

Food-topping sprinkles, broths, and bites that give kibble a burst of flavor and make mealtime rockin'. Try our NEW flavor Mellow Mutt!


Hi, I'm Zeppelin!

Chief Topper Officer here! I LOVE toppers! My food has never tasted so yummy than when its smothered in delicious toppers. I like to face dive right into my bowl and eat really (really) fast! Can you tell by my beard? I used to be a pretty picky eater, now with the addition of toppers, I enjoy every bite!

(Zeppelin is an actual customer who has joined the ranks of our Executive Dogs)

Dogs (and their parents) Love Our Toppers!What will your pup think?

"My pitbull was bored of her food until I bought Bada Bing. Now she loves to eat it again. Im so happy for that."

-Gloria R.

"All 4 pups love Wham Bam! Great treat and they lick the bowls clean!"

-Stefanie S.

"I have a Boxer and he has always been gassy and has soft poop. He loves the taste and def has been farting less and his poop is more firm. Very satisfied with the results."

-Erin M.

"LuLu my 2 yr old Rottie wasn't eating her dog food. I brought the Popcorn Chicken and put 2 in her bowl and she now looks forward to her Breakfast and Dinner."

-Audra L.

Happiness Guarantee

We feed our own dogs these toppers so we understand how important it is to get it right for them. We promise to find the right solution for your dog, no questions asked.

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