Why BARK Air?

Why BARK Air?


When we first started BARK, it was all about finding ways to deepen the bond between dogs and their people. It seemed like the perfect North Star; create products that bring people and their dogs together. We were a small team with big dreams, navigating the minutiae of starting a business—from deciding on toy dimensions to what size our boxes should be. Our scope was focused on the small stuff– the things nobody spends time daydreaming about. 

But, as we all know, big ideas come; whether or not you’re in the position to turn them into something tangible– something real. The early days of BARK were filled with many big ideas that we were in absolutely no position to act on. Often these thoughts elicited little more than an amused response, before they disappeared off to wherever ideas go when they aren’t acted upon. 

Yet, one particularly bold idea lingered. An idea that was so out of reach that it seemed more like an impossible dream: what if we launched an airline that catered just to dogs and their people. Why limit dog-and-owner adventures to just reachable-by-car destinations? Our love for dogs demanded more; it demanded giving them the entire world. This concept of a dog-centric airline wasn't just whimsy. It was a response to a recurring sentiment we all heard and felt: the longing to experience the world with your dog at your side.


Internal conversations often drifted to a playful "What if we had a plane just for dogs?" What started as a half-joking suggestion began to take root. As BARK grew, so did this idea. It transformed from a silly little musing into a tangible need, discussed and shaped by feedback from our community. It was clear that this service wasn't just wanted; it was needed.


Fast forward to today, and that once distant dream is now BARK Air. Over a decade in the making, this initiative represents the evolution of our original mission. BARK Air is not just a service; it's a celebration of the love and companionship we share with our dogs. It's about refusing to settle for the status quo and making the seemingly impossible, possible.


It’s more than an airline; it’s a new way to experience the world with your best friend. We can't wait to see where this journey takes us together. We're thrilled to finally say, welcome aboard BARK Air.

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