BARK Announces Winners of Next Top Dog Models Contest

BARK Announces Winners of Next Top Dog Models Contest
We wrapped our inaugural search for America’s Next Top Dog Models in honor of the launch of our new breed-specific food, BARK Food, and the results are in! We combed through thousands of submissions of pups of all shapes, sizes and levels of derpy, and we’re thrilled to announce the 10 dogs who will become the face of BARK Food: RIPP Aussie from Phoenix, AZ Ripp shows his humans everyday what perseverance is and how he is differently abled, but not disabled. LUNA Boxer from Portsmouth, NH From her naturally grumpy face to her howling when she isn’t getting enough attention, she is, according to her parents, a little menace... filled with love! TOBY Chihuahua from Minneapolis, MN Toby’s passions are sleeping, snacking, and sitting. Funny, those are our’s, too. TOBY Dachshund from McAlester, OK Another Toby! Toby’s parents say he gives his family unconditional love, snuggles and emotional support. MOOSE Goldendoodle from New York, NY Moose loves to play, patrol the neighborhood from his window and watch other dogs get trained on TV. POPPY French Bulldog from Roanoke, VA When Poppy’s not eating or begging for food, he’s searching for berries and acorns in his backyard. GUINNESS German Shepherd from Norwich, VT Guinness is ruff, tuff and ever so slightly chonky. CHARLIE Golden Retriever from Holland, MI Charlie is obsessed with sticks. Can you tell? FENWAY Labrador Retriever mix from Denver, CO Fenway beat Blastomycosis, and his permanent wink makes him a hit with the ladies. SUNSHINE Pitbull from Purcellville, VA According to her humans, Sunshine is the most polite beggar you’ve ever seen and is incredibly expressive. Our 10 winners will be featured on BARK Food’s social media (they’ll be revealed to our more than seven million social media followers!) and in marketing materials and will receive $500, a professional photoshoot, toys and treats from our 10-year BARK-iversary collection. Congratulations to the winners! Since we launched in 2011, we’ve served over 6.5 million dogs, and we decided to take our extensive knowledge of dogs and what they love and bring it to the food industry. This past fall, we announced a new line of food including premium kibble, supplements, broths, toppers and treats built by crazy dog-obsessed experts and tailored to your pup’s breed. We now offer food for Chihuahuas, Labs, Pitbulls, Dachshunds, Frenchies, Boxers, Aussies, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers and Doodles, from the puppy stage all the way up to the adult stage. We’ll continue to release breed-specific meal plans until we cater to every type of dog and at every age. Learn more at With BARK Food, you’ll get:
  • Breed-specific food from the dog-obsessed people who know how to keep your pup happy and healthy. We’ve served millions of dogs, and we care a lot about each and every breed we serve. During this time, we’ve learned a lot about the breeds we’ve served, including ways to help with any conditions, personality quirks or eating styles they might have.
  • Same Price Forever. This is just how we do business. Since we launched, we’ve offered our dog customers the same price for their entire lives. This means if you sign up for the savings and the convenience of regular deliveries, we’ll guarantee you’ll pay the same price forever. Inflation sucks, and our dogs should be protected from rising prices.
  • 100% Happy Guarantee. If your dog isn’t happy with their food, we will work with you to get it right. Wherever, whenever, whatever you need on your food journey, we are here to help. We believe this is how dog people serve dogs and their people.

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