Healthy recipes crafted by a board-certified nutritionist and made with premium ingredients for your dog’s perfect meal. 

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Hi, I'm Hank!

Chief Kibble Officer here! I HAVE to tell you guys about this new food Mom got me. I’m pretty picky when it comes to kibble, but WOOF this Bark Kibble is yummy. It’s not like any other kibble I’ve ever had and let me tell you I’ve tried a lot. Mom keeps going on and on about how healthy it is for me and how affordable it is, but I just love it because it’s so flavorful.  Seriously you’ve got to try it, you’ll lick your bowl clean!

(Hank is an actual customer who has joined the ranks of our Executive Dogs)

Healthy Food Makes
Happy Dogs

Bone and Joint Health

Support their lunging, jumping and chasing (sorry, squirrels) with proteins that are natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin.

Grain-Free Option

Made with easy-to-digest grain-free carbs along with prebiotics and live probiotics to ensure optimal digestion for your pup

Skin and Coat Support

Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids—the perfect balance of for promoting healthy skin, a cuddle-friendly coat, and likely neighborhood dog love triangles.

Dog Parents Love Our Kibble

Rachael G.

He's A Healthy Happy Boy!

We love it! We'll, to be fair I've never tried it. But! My Murphy loooooves this food! I'm thrilled that since switching he has had NO ALLERGIES PROBLEMS!!!! He has suffered with ears and rears allergies since birth. But since we switched him to bark food and treats, he's as healthy and happy as can be! We love you all and your food!

Claire B.

12 Paws Up!

My three whippets seem to really enjoy this kibble. It doesn't have a strong odor and the ingredients seam very healthy as far as dog foods go. My dogs had no trouble transitioning and the food doesn't give them tummy issues. Solid poops and no gas.

It also comes in a resealable bag, which has been super convenient for me.

Dana J.

I Have A New Dog Food!

So my 7 lb Chihuahua has to be the most finicky eater alive. He starts eating a dog food only to turn his nose up at it the very next day. The Small Breed Chicken and Rice from Bark keeps disappearing from his bowl!