Woof & Wonder x BARK presents

Poopy Loops

BARK proudly features dog-loving small business owners.

We LOVE Woof & Wonder's passion for pups, and clean sidewalks!

How it started vs how it's going.

A short love story on how the internet made the perfect match.

Hey besties, I'm Leda!

Woof & Wonder is a high-energy, tongue-in-cheek and playful brand founded by Leda Akyuz. As an immigrant from Istanbul, Leda always had an unwavering love for dogs. With a decade of corporate experience under her belt, she pursued her passion for dogs, drawing personal inspiration from her soul dog, Handsome. This led her to establish W&W, a venture dedicated to crafting dopamine products for both dogs and their human companions. Woof & Wonder aims to represent all the delight that owning a dog brings into your life and celebrate that with every product!