Yappy Snaps

Get playtime poppin' with a snap of these squeakers. Your little firecracker can share one of the squeaky snaps with a pal, or horde them in the garage like that guy who lives down the street. Toss a treat in the crinkle box to set off your dog with a playtime reward.

Small: 5.4"L x 2.75"D x 3.1"H | Snaps: 2.5"W x 2.4"H 
Medium/Large: 6.75"L x 4"D x 3.9"H | Snaps: 4"W x 3.75"H 

• Multi-Part Toy (3)
• 2 Squeakers
• 2 Tug Straps
Recommended For: Fetch, Squeaker Seekers, Treat Hiding, Thrashers, Tug, Multi-Dog Households

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